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The pyrolysis of 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-diphenylbutane (dibutene) in the temperature range of 220 to 310 ° C was used to initiate free radical mediated graft addition of vinyl triethoxysilane (VTEOS) to polyethylene. Hydrocarbon model studies show that the isopropyl radical generated by the slow decomposition of dibutylene can directly extract hydrogen atoms at a level sufficient to maintain a high kinetic chain length graft propagation sequence. The interaction between O2 and isopropyl radicals can lead to the oxidation of initiators and hydrocarbon substrates, thus strengthening the...
Flame retardant synergist, radical initiator CCPIB Poly(1,4-diisopropyl benzene) CAS NO: 25822-43-9 Molecular Weight: >360 Structural Formula: Appearance: White powder Half time:1 min 285℃ (0.1 m/benzene)1 hr 234℃ 10 hr 210℃ 
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