Ethylhexylglycerin introduction

Ethylhexylglycerin is a globally approved, versatile and multifunctional additive, as well as a very effective deodorant active. As an emollient, it improves the skin feel of cosmetic formulations. Ethylhexylglycerin reliably inhibits the growth and multiplication of odour-causing bacteria, while at the same time not affecting the beneficial skin flora. Additionally, it can boost the efficacy of traditional preservatives and act as anti-microbial stabiliser in combination with other cosmetic ingredients.

Ethylhexylglycerin improves the skin feel of cosmetic formulations and functions as emollient and mild humectant. The skin-feel of Ethylhexylglycerin can be compared to glycerin.

Ethylhexylglycerin which Zhufeng Chemical provide is cost-effective and odorless.

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