1,2-octanediol introduction

1,2-Octanediol is a skin conditioning-agent. In cosmetic products, the ingredient adds moisture and works as an emollient.1,2-Octanediol also functions as a preservative, preventing product spoilage. The ingredient can be found in a number of skin care and anti-aging treatments and it is often used as a replacement for preservatives that were commonly used in the past to maintain skin care products. The antimicrobial activity found in 1,2-Octanediol makes the ingredient an ideal option for personal care product manufacturers.

1,2-Octanediol is also considered to be a humectant. A humectant simply refers to a substance that is capable of retaining moisture from water.
Products such as lotions, cleansers, and hair products utilize humectants to retain water.
Moisture is a key factor in maintaining healthy skin and it must be retained in order for targeted ingredients to work effectively into the skin for maximum benefit.

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